Keio EDGE 2016 Program Schedule

Intensive Workshop

September 17th (Sat) Kickoff Day: Discussion on innovation and innovative. Get to know each other.

September 18th (Sun) Day 2: Design Thinking workshop. Human-centered mindset and tools.

September 19th (Mon) Day 3: Systems Thinking workshop. Goal oriented mindset and system design methods.

September 21st (Wed) Day 4: Global Innovator Forum

September 22nd (Thu) Day 5: Rapid Prototyping workshop. Fail fast and iterative philosophy
and digital fabrication tools and techniques.

September 25th (Sun) Day 6: Business Synthesis workshop. New value creation mindset and business design approaches.

October 2nd (Sun) Day 7: Innovative Design Process One Day Exercise: Tackle a design challenge given by the instructor
utilizing all Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Business Synthesis mindset
and toolset within a day to deliver an INNOVATIVE SOLUTION!

Project Work

October 9th (Sun) Project Work Kickoff Day: Project team will be announced and the design challenge will start.
October 23rd (Sun) First report day
November 6th (Sun) Second report day
November 20th (Sun) Third report day
December 4th (Sun) Final Presentation Day

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