11/28 (Mon) Open Lecture - Change Leadership for System Design & Management - Mr.Takao Kondo

KEIO EDGE Program Special Lecture

- Change Leadership for System Design & Management -


アンハイザー・ブッシュ・インターナショナルの元上級副社長、初代バドワイザー・ジャパン社長/会長である近藤隆雄氏をお招きして“Change Leadership for System Design & Management”特別講座を行います。グローバルビジネスのコンテキストにおいて、真に必要とされるリーダーシップについて講義とディスカッションを行います。


“Leadership” is one of the most common topics in business. At the same time, “Leadership” is one of the most tough thing to execute.
KEIO EDGE Program is going to provide a special lecture "Change Leadership for System Design & Management" by a guest speaker, Mr. Takao Kondo.
He is a former senior vice president of Anheuser-Busch International, and former president/chairman of Budweiser Japan.
He will talk about real leadership in the global context.


【場所:Location】慶應義塾大学日吉キャンパス協生館3階 Keio Univ. Hiyoshi Campus Collaboration Complex 3F C3N15教室


What is Leader/Leadership?

  • When is leader needed, what for?

What is change?

  • Making a difference (delta)
  • Porter 5 forces
    √ Competitor = Game Player
    √ Substitution = Game Changer
  • Incremental (continuous, keizoku + kaizen)
  • Step (keizoku+kakushin)
  • Disruptive (discontinuity)

What is Change Leadership?

  • Past driven (manager, kaizen) old system + rules
  • Future driven (leader, kakushin) new system + rules

Leadership Qualities

  • Logic and Reason
    √ Intellectual Qualities (IQ)

    √ Physical message (PQ)

    √ Power of heart and mind (EQ)
  • Vision
  • Action
  • Passion
  • Resolve
  • Reality : Power to breakthrough

    √ Complacency
    √ Conventional wisdom, Human Qualities

【言語:Language】英語 English

【講師:Speaker】近藤隆雄氏 Mr.Takao Kondo

【講師略歴:Speaker Profile】

【参加費:Fee】無料 Free

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